Where we started

If you're reading this page, then chances are your dream is the same as ours: To build green and conserve energy—with as little waste as possible. Important features that would ultimately make your life easier were selected within our initial budget. Establishing this budget wasn't easy, because there have been very few green spec homes built in South Africa. Many variables came into play, but we are now more familiar and comfortable with how this process works. 

While each home we build seems conventional at first, there are a number of green features that enable you to live affordably and comfortably. More importantly, your lifestyle in these homes will have a significantly low impact on the environment. This has been our main goal from the outset. 

Where we’re headed

As each green home project is built, more green features will be added:

  • A fully integrated hybrid electricity system to run most of your power usage from the sun
  • Using the sunlight to its maximum to provide light within the home
  • Using more and more renewable resources for each home (such as bamboo, rainwater, solar energy, etc)
  • Making each home more comfortable while using less conventional and non-renewable resources

Once the conventional market adapts the green home concept, Viridior will already be a market leader in Green Home construction.You are encouraged to get in on this trend now and join thousands of green home pioneers in South Africa. 

What we’ve achieved so far

Our first home has many creature comforts which cost more initially. But thereafter you will benefit from your original investment. The idea is that when you eventually sell your home, the green investment is passed on to the new buyer; thereby lowering your costs even further. Many of the products we already use are renewable, non-toxic and eco-friendly. 

  • Several high end themes are implemented for your enjoyment. These include:
    • Green features
    • Upmarket features
    • Low maintenance features
    • Luxury living at low running costs
    • A minimalist approach to sustainable living
    • Simplistic finishes


Looking for a Midstream property for sale at the moment? We encourage you to get in contact with us so that we can point you in a more sustainable direction. It'll be great to hear from you!