Aren’t green homes more expensive than regular homes?


Viridior builds greener homes in Midstream Estates, Centurion, South Africa.

These are luxury houses for sale in Midstream with reduced running costs. Your benefits include:

Rainwater Harvesting at Home 3362

No green home would be complete without a fully-automated rainwater harvesting system—and home 3362 is no exception. Collecting as much free water as possible is all part of how this home functions. Not only is the system already in place to do this, but the home is constructed in such a way to enable optimum harvesting of rainwater throughout the year’s rainy seasons.


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Water-wise low maintenance garden

Of all the Midstream properties for sale at the moment, this one has the most impressive garden! Garden design ALWAYS forms an important part of Viridior’s projects. Of course there are many Midstream upmarket houses for sale that haven't even thought of this important aspect. But when you purchase one of our homes, you will find an intelligent selection of indigenous plants, trees, and shrubs already planted within the garden area.

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Return on investment

Some potential buyers may find the house prices of Viridior significantly higher than others on the market. However, what many don’t take into account is that there is a serious return on investment on these homes after a relatively short period. Add the fact that these Midstream luxury houses for sale from Viridior are so comfortable, and you will find that the value is higher than initially perceived.


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Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our modern way of life can often be detrimental to the environment. The everyday running of a household is no exception because of all the electricity needed to run appliances, heating, cooling and lighting. The green homes developed by Viridior are aimed at reducing these energy uses by a significant amount—thereby reducing the home owner’s carbon footprint on the environment. So much more than simply being Midstream luxury houses for sale from Viridior, our homes are kind to the environment while NEVER compromising on your comfort. 


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Rainwater Harvesting

When looking for Midstream houses for sale, why not go for a home that uses rainwater for various home uses? Harvesting rainwater for everyday usage can reduce your water bill by up to 60%! But there is more to harvesting rainwater than simply collecting it in tanks. Complex water filtration and pumping systems must be connected to those tanks and implemented into the home in order for the home owner to benefit from this concept.


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