Home 3362 Return on Investment

Home 3362 is a house for sale with multiple money saving benefits. The cost to run Home 3362 without any green features has been established and calculated against the cost of running it with the green features it possesses. It has been roughly estimated that the buyer will start to receive a return on investment within approximately 10 years of ownership. Let’s take a look at some of the savings you can accumulate while living in this home.


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Reduced Carbon Footprint in Home 3362

Ever seen an upmarket house for sale that has a small impact on the environment? Specially designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible, Home 3362 possesses a number of features that cater to our philosophy of green living. Through simple strategies, this home reduces the carbon footprint of all its residents. As with all Viridior’s homes, Home 3362 will drastically reduce your electricity bill, and utilise nature itself to deliver optimum living at a low cost.

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Rainwater Harvesting at Home 3362

No green home would be complete without a fully-automated rainwater harvesting system—and home 3362 is no exception. Collecting as much free water as possible is all part of how this home functions. Not only is the system already in place to do this, but the home is constructed in such a way to enable optimum harvesting of rainwater throughout the year’s rainy seasons.


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Bamboo in Home 3362

A material that is often overlooked by many green home developers in South Africa is bamboo. This is the perfect substitute for tree wood because of its robust quality and low impact on the environment. Viridior is proud to have bamboo as part of various structures within Home 3362. Let us tell you more about why we chose bamboo over other wood types.


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Double Glazing and Aluminum

As a high-end green home developer, Viridior aims to use only the best quality supplies for every area of our homes. We feel that two important aspects are the glass and aluminium components which form part of both internal and external areas of the home. These components must meet very high standards and also contribute to our insulation strategy in order to ensure eco-friendly benefits throughout.

Photo-voltaic Electricity

An important part of green living and eco-friendly homes is the ability to run your home on as little grid electricity as possible. Viridior makes use of an optional Photo-voltaic solar system to generate and store large amounts of electricity for off-grid home usage. Ideally, the home should run on solar electricity most of the time; but an automatic switchover to conventional grid power is initiated if this natural source of electricity is depleted.


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Roof Insulation at Home 3362

In addition to other insulated areas of the home, Viridior has not neglected to insulate the roof section in home 3362. According to our research, most of the heat inside a home escapes through the ceiling and out the roof during winter. During the summer, hot air penetrates the home through the roof, which is why roof insulation is so important.


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Floor Insulation at Home 3362

Casting down a thick concrete screed is an important part of Home 3362’s insulation strategy. By doing this we are not only insulating the house from external elements, but also insulating the home’s Hydronics radiant pipes which are laid out beneath the floor. But Viridior has gone one step further and increased the thickness of the floor’s concrete layer so as to maximise the effectiveness of the Hydronics radiant heating and cooling system. Let’s see why we think this will be one of the most sought after green homes in Gauteng.


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