Aren’t green homes more expensive than regular homes?


Viridior builds greener homes in Midstream Estates, Centurion, South Africa.

These are luxury houses for sale in Midstream with reduced running costs. Your benefits include:

Photo-voltaic Electricity

An important part of green living and eco-friendly homes is the ability to run your home on as little grid electricity as possible. Viridior makes use of an optional Photo-voltaic solar system to generate and store large amounts of electricity for off-grid home usage. Ideally, the home should run on solar electricity most of the time; but an automatic switchover to conventional grid power is initiated if this natural source of electricity is depleted.


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Roof Insulation at Home 3362

In addition to other insulated areas of the home, Viridior has not neglected to insulate the roof section in home 3362. According to our research, most of the heat inside a home escapes through the ceiling and out the roof during winter. During the summer, hot air penetrates the home through the roof, which is why roof insulation is so important.


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Insulated Water Pipes at Home 3362

Insulating a house is an important aspect of making it a ‘green home’. However, insulation of the home’s pipes is just as important to reduce electricity usage. Home 3362 has two important water pipe networks which must have their respective temperatures retained if proper green home status is to be maintained. The first is the Hydronics raidant system pipes which are insulated beneath the floor’s surface. However, this is only secondary to how intricately the plumbing pipes have been insulated throughout Home 3362. Let’s take a closer look at this.


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Floor Insulation at Home 3362

Casting down a thick concrete screed is an important part of Home 3362’s insulation strategy. By doing this we are not only insulating the house from external elements, but also insulating the home’s Hydronics radiant pipes which are laid out beneath the floor. But Viridior has gone one step further and increased the thickness of the floor’s concrete layer so as to maximise the effectiveness of the Hydronics radiant heating and cooling system. Let’s see why we think this will be one of the most sought after green homes in Gauteng.


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Optional Extras

When you purchase one of Viridior’s homes you receive all of the best green home benefits available. But there are two additional features we make available to our potential home owners which further enhance the functionality of our homes.



Are you looking for a Midstream property for sale? If so, then why not go green? The luxury green homes developed by Viridior possess a number of environmentally-friendly, money-saving ‘green’ features which make them unique from other developments. But there are also additional high-end features which add to the convenience and luxury of owning one of these homes. We will briefly provide you with our green features as an overview, and then turn to these additional extras in more detail.

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