Double Glazing and Aluminum

As a high-end green home developer, Viridior aims to use only the best quality supplies for every area of our homes. We feel that two important aspects are the glass and aluminium components which form part of both internal and external areas of the home. These components must meet very high standards and also contribute to our insulation strategy in order to ensure eco-friendly benefits throughout.

Roof Insulation at Home 3362

In addition to other insulated areas of the home, Viridior has not neglected to insulate the roof section in home 3362. According to our research, most of the heat inside a home escapes through the ceiling and out the roof during winter. During the summer, hot air penetrates the home through the roof, which is why roof insulation is so important.


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Insulated Water Pipes at Home 3362

Insulating a house is an important aspect of making it a ‘green home’. However, insulation of the home’s pipes is just as important to reduce electricity usage. Home 3362 has two important water pipe networks which must have their respective temperatures retained if proper green home status is to be maintained. The first is the Hydronics raidant system pipes which are insulated beneath the floor’s surface. However, this is only secondary to how intricately the plumbing pipes have been insulated throughout Home 3362. Let’s take a closer look at this.


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Floor Insulation at Home 3362

Casting down a thick concrete screed is an important part of Home 3362’s insulation strategy. By doing this we are not only insulating the house from external elements, but also insulating the home’s Hydronics radiant pipes which are laid out beneath the floor. But Viridior has gone one step further and increased the thickness of the floor’s concrete layer so as to maximise the effectiveness of the Hydronics radiant heating and cooling system. Let’s see why we think this will be one of the most sought after green homes in Gauteng.


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Reduced Carbon Footprint

Our modern way of life can often be detrimental to the environment. The everyday running of a household is no exception because of all the electricity needed to run appliances, heating, cooling and lighting. The green homes developed by Viridior are aimed at reducing these energy uses by a significant amount—thereby reducing the home owner’s carbon footprint on the environment. So much more than simply being Midstream luxury houses for sale from Viridior, our homes are kind to the environment while NEVER compromising on your comfort. 


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Hydronics Radiant Heating and Cooling

Electrically-powered temperature control will soon become a thing of the past. That’s because new technologies are being made accessible to home owners today—and hydronics is one such technology.  Through complex under-floor water pipe systems, your home can maintain a steady temperature without high running expenses being added to your utility bill. So when you come to visit One of Viridior's houses for sale in Midstream, you can be sure that every room within that house has temperature control for your convenience. 


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With energy costs on the rise, many builders and home owners are turning to alternative methods of temperature control in the home. One method that has proven highly effective in this area is wall insulation. So when you see a house for sale from Viridior, you can be sure that every room has wall insulation already installed. Viridior makes use of Lambdaboard material which is built in-between external and separating walls (also known as wall cavity insulation). This maintains the temperature of each individual room, resulting in minimal heating and cooling costs.

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