When Viridior Homes started to develop green homes in South Africa, we went through a gruelling research process beforehand. It was important for us to seek out the very best South African green vendors for their advice and services in our home development projects. Here is an overview of the four companies we found. After months of trial and error, these turned out to be the very best in their respective fields.



We have taken much guidance from Kyasol on how to position our homes to get the most out of their systems. These include a world class rainwater harvesting system, a water pump that regulates all water throughout the home, and a Hydronics Radiant heating and cooling system. Kyasol also provides optional extras for our homes such as photo-voltaic electricity systems. This vendor generously offers a two year guarantee on their products which will be carried over to the home owner once the property has been purchased. 


Living Green Landscapes

One of the few landscaping companies in South Africa that specialises in indigenous plants is Living Green Landscapes. As part of our low-maintenance garden philosophy, this vendor has provided us with much needed expertise on design and practicality for the home’s exterior.


Glass & Aluminium

The glass requirements for all our homes are very specific. A single Glass & Aluminium supplier provided us with double-glazed windows and glass doors to ensure effective insulation for the home. They also meet our strict low-maintenance requirements by providing us with aluminium door and window frames.


Bamboo Warehouse Johannesburg

As often as possible, Viridior have used bamboo throughout our homes. Bamboo is a sustainable material that causes a minimal impact on the environment to grow and to harvest. Bamboo Warehouse is our vendor of choice here as they supply bamboo that's been internationally acclaimed in multiple countries. They also share our views on green living and have advised us on various ways bamboo can be used within a home. 


With all the vendors we deal with we have had the home owner in mind. All our strategies are directed towards low maintenance, return on investment, and extreme comfort. Out homes are built on these principles, and thanks to our vendors, we have been able to execute every one of these aspects to perfection.