When you purchase one of Viridior’s homes you receive all of the best green home benefits available. But there are two additional features we make available to our potential home owners which further enhance the functionality of our homes.


Energy efficient, low noise generator

The first of these optional extras is a low-energy generator. Not only does this generator run on as little fuel as possible, but it also emits very little noise as a result. Despite these benefits, the generator is designed to run at maximum efficiency in order to power every area and appliance within the home.


Photo-voltaic solar electric panels

Another optional extra we highly recommend is photo-voltaic solar panels. These panels will harvest sunlight during the day and store electricity to be used as needed. Your home will be virtually off the grid due to this energy-generating system which boasts an impressive efficiency rating (according to your family size).


Both these optional extras are perfect for the home owner who detests power interruptions and high electricity bills. The infrustructure for these two systems are already in place and need only your approval to be installed and implemented into the home you choose. 

Viridior can implement a Generator at Home 3362

We all recognise that South Africa is experiencing a major power crisis at the moment. Many homes and businesses go without power for extended periods of time. As many already know, a lack of power can cripple the functionality of a home—especially at night.

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