Kyasol is our go-to supplier for many of the green features used in our homes. After extensive research, and contacting many different companies, we found Kyasol to be the leading specialists in providing green home equipment and services. They have also been fully responsible for advising us on these systems, as well as installing and implementing them in our homes.


Water solutions

Kyasol provides a number of water-related products that possess money-saving and convenience benefits. One such product is the water pump that regulates all the water within the home. This includes all taps—both hot and cold—as well as the hydronics heating and cooling system (mentioned below).

Pumps also control the rainwater harvesting system for each of our homes; and Kyasol have been there to both supply all the parts, as well as install them. In fact, Kyasol have played an invaluable role in the strategic placement of all water-related devices.


Power solutions

The photo-voltaic power system as well as the accompanying batteries are also supplied by Kyasol. They have been our trusted advisors when it comes to knowing how many panels are needed for the size of each respective home and how much power can ideally be stored. Thanks to them, our homes are running at incredible efficiency—virtually off the power grid and almost completely self-sufficient in terms of electricity.


Heating and cooling solution

The experts at Kyasol have also provided every home with a Hydronics radiant heating and cooling system. This is an ingenious temperature regulating system for the home which functions on very little electricity. Small networks of pipes are laid throughout the home and hot or cold water is pumped through the networks to regulate the temperature of multiple individual zones. This further reduces the usage needs for electricity because appliances such as fans, air conditioners and heaters are no longer required.


As you can see, we’ve done a lot of research in terms of which green features are the best and which company is the best supplier of those features. In our books, Kyasol have far outshined their competitors and even offer a 2-year guarantee on all of their products. 

All your Green Building Solutions under one Roof