More than simply choosing the best features to Home 3362, we were also very careful in selecting the ideal location for this home. After much intense consideration, we settled on Midstream Estates for a number of important reasons. This area has proven to be the best place to establish a family while providing all other necessities such as healthcare, education, and entertainment. If you're on the lookout for a house for sale that embodies these qualitites, then look no further. 


Excellent healthcare facility

In March 2015, Midstream Estates opened up an elaborate healthcare clinic. This facility is fully equipped to handle any sort of medical emergency or situation. 7 operating theatres were included in the building and the clinic has employed some of the best heart specialists in the country. There is also a fully functional maternity ward, emergency centre, psychiatric ward and dermatology facility.

This hospital is one of 52 multidisciplinary hospitals in South Africa and boasts the highest standard of private medical care in the country. In fact, certain procedures offered at this hospital are so specialised that patients in other areas are often referred to Midstream’s clinic for treatment.


Midstream’s educational facilities

There is a total of six schools to choose from in the Midstream area. There are also two baby care facilities (called baby houses) where professional day mothers take care of infants and toddlers. All schools offer preferential admission to Midstream residents and each one is easily accessible to those living in Midstream Estates.

Another aspect to consider is that the schools in Midstream are considered to be of a very high standard. This not only means a great education for children, but also means that the property value in the area is sure to appreciate over time. As pointed out by Remax CEO, Adrian Goslett, schools play an important element in choosing a home—which is why a Midstream property will be easy to sell when the time comes.


Parks and recreational facilities

Midstream also boasts a number of recreational areas where numerous activities are available. Several parks and ‘green areas’ have braai (barbeque) facilities as well as swimming pools and jungle gyms for kids. There are also catch & release fishing dams for those who prefer to spend their weekends doing something quiet and relaxing.

There is also a golf course within the estate and membership is preferential to Midstream Estates residents. For runners, there is a paved sidewalk that is spaced well away from the road to ensure the safety of those who enjoy walking or jogging.


Other great benefits to living in Midstream

  • Midstream retirement home offers its own conveniences for senior residents. Wheelchair-bound individuals will also be glad to hear that there is an exclusive pathway provided for easy travelling between the retirement home and the rest of the estate.
  • Community events often take place in Midstream. These include concerts, church events, fêtes and community meetings.
  • There is also a selection of churches within the estate to cater for the spiritual preferences of residents.
  • Residents can also download a Midstream app for Smartphones. The app provides a map of the area, important notifications pertinent to Midstream, access to Midstream’s social media and emergency numbers for the area.
  • There is also a wide variety of restaurants and take-away facilities inside the estate.
  • Residents will be automatically subscribed to Midstream Magazine where they can read up on the latest news, events and school activities.


If ever there was a house for sale that sounded too good to be true, this is probably it. Midstream has been established now for over ten years and all the benefits mentioned here will form part of living at Home 3362. It should also be mentioned that at this time, Home 3362 is one of the first all-green homes in Midstream. However, we have confidence that there will be many more following suit in the near future.