Rainwater Tanks at Home 3362

How can you use rainwater to supplement your household’s water requirements? The obvious solution is to install a rainwater harvesting tank. Harvested rainwater can supplement up to 86% of your domestic water usage, making it a huge money saver.


Concealment of the rainwater tanks

But many people are averse to installing a rainwater harvesting tank because they feel it will detract from the appearance of their home. This isn’t necessarily true. Home 3362 built by Viridior is a prime example of how a rainwater harvesting tank can be integrated into a home that is environmentally friendly in every respect—as well as invisible.

The tanks are placed underground where they remain out of sight. This includes the pumping system which pumps water from just below the water line of the tank. This is where the water is cleanest ensuring that you have a steady supply of clean water when needed.

Even the pipes are cleverly concealed within the home's structure to maximise the collection of rainwater while maintaining the aesthetic aspect of your home.


How the tanks provide you with water

Everything about the system is designed and placed to ensure the maximum collection of water according to rainfall patterns in your area. Roof slabs, gutters and down pipes collect this precious resource and channel it into catchments, eventually transporting it to the underground tanks. From there the water is pumped directly to wherever it is needed.

Ideally, harvested rainwater should be filtered before it is safe for human consumption. However there are several instances where it can be used directly without being treated:

•             Flushing toilets

•             Garden irrigation

•             Washing machines

Think of how much you rely on water to accomplish these simple tasks. It’s obvious that using harvested rainwater for these uses would significantly reduce your monthly water bill.


How does a rainwater tank affect your life?

The benefits of rainwater harvesting are two-fold. Not only are you reducing your monthly costs, you’re also doing your bit for the environment. Installing a rainwater tank does not impact your daily life in any way. The system used in Home 3362 is efficient, eco-friendly and cost-effective. You will always have water when you need it and the long-term savings are substantial.


Every time it rains, water is lost. A rainwater harvesting tank is the ideal way to capture this precious resource and save it from going to waste. You benefit from having a supply of free water during rainy months, and you’ll enjoy the supplementary usage of this water and the savings this generates.