Rainwater Catchment from Roof Slabs, Gutters and Down Pipes at Home 3362

A rainwater harvesting system is more than just a tank and a filter. A home must have other conducive factors in order for successful collection to take place. Home 3362 was designed and constructed with this system in mind. For your benefit, let’s take a look at some of these factors.


The angle of the home

As you can imagine, one of the most important starting conditions of a rainwater catchment system is the angle of the property. The entire home must be built to accommodate an eventual system where rainwater can run smoothly from one end to another. It takes vision and strategy to do this in such a way where efficiency does not get in the way of aesthetics. Viridior have constructed Home 3362 so that it not only works well in terms of water collection, but still looks great too.


Placement of water catchment components

Another important step is the strategic placement of the pipes and the catchments. These must be placed in a way where rainwater can easily flow into collection points, and then transported with ease to the storage tanks.

As you’ve probably guessed already, an understanding of angles & levels is also an important factor here. The developers of a home must be able to predict how and where rainfall will occur and then work out the best way to collect as much rainwater as possible. This brings you to our next point.


The highest possible efficiency

In both of these above steps, you want to enjoy as much rainwater utilisation as possible. For this reason, Home 3362’s rainwater catchment system has been installed with maximum collection in mind. The roof slabs, gutters & downpipes all had to be taken into consideration to get the most out of rainfall whenever it occurs.


As the owner of Home 3362, you will enjoy the benefits of maximising rainwater storage. This water will be used to run your washing machine, garden irrigation and for flushing your toilets. Knowing that this water supplements regular grid usage will ensure convenience as well as significantly lower your water bill at the end of every month.