Wall Insulation at Home 3362

Maintaining a home’s temperature is a lot cheaper than altering it. This home has been designed to insulate warm or cool air within each room so that less electricity is used throughout hot or cold seasons. The key to this home’s insulation benefits is a product called Lambdaboard; which has been placed within wall cavities throughout the home.


An essential ‘green home’ product

Having Lambdaboard fitted between walls produces two major environmental benefits. The first is that the home owner will not need to use a lot of electricity to power air conditioners, fans, or heaters to manipulate the temperature of the home.  The second is that Lambdaboard itself is made from eco-friendly material which is fully recyclable.


A solid product

Lambdaboard also has a number of properties that add to its quality and durability. The first of these is that during the construction of this home, the board had little risk of becoming damaged or ruined through chemical contact. That’s because it is highly resistant to most chemicals found in adhesives generally used in construction.

The material is also guaranteed not to crack or warp as a result of extreme temperatures. Within the walls of every room, the Lambdaboard is secure and will continue to do its job of regulating room temperature.

This home has Lambdaboard installed throughout and will keep the home cool during summer, and warm during winter. It’s this additional peace of mind we offer to the buyer who understands the benefits of having a cosy home all year round.