Roof Insulation at Home 3362

In addition to other insulated areas of the home, Viridior has not neglected to insulate the roof section in home 3362. According to our research, most of the heat inside a home escapes through the ceiling and out the roof during winter. During the summer, hot air penetrates the home through the roof, which is why roof insulation is so important.


Non toxic materials used for insulation

Roof insulation is not a new concept to any of us. However, most of the ceiling insulation we are familiar with is done with harmful, toxic materials that are produced in a factory. These can leave harmful dust particles in the air and in our homes.

That’s why Viridior uses green methods for this purpose. A material called Isotherm is our choice for this particular means of insulation because the manufacturer only uses recycled materials to produce this product. The material is made from recycled bottles which has been reworked into a carpet-like layer. This is then placed evenly across the ceiling of Home 3362 to create an insulated environment in every room.


Why roof insulation contributes to a reduced carbon footprint

Two quality certificates (SABS and TIASA) accompany this product as a means of guarantee. Insulating the ceiling adds to our philosophy of greener living by reducing the utility costs of the home. If your home is insulated, you end up using less (or no) electricity to heat up or cool down the home. The material is also long lasting and will not need to be replaced every few years because of gradual perishing.


Works together with the home’s Hydronics radiant heating and cooling

Hot and cold air acts differently between winter and summer. Understanding this is important when coupling the benefits of roof insulation with the home’s built-in Hydronics radiant system.This home's heating and cooling uses almost no electricity to either cool down or warm up your home. Add to this the fact that hot and cold air cannot escape because of wall, floor, glass and roof insulation, and you have a home that requires less heating and cooling throughout the year. 


In summer:

During warm months, the sun beats down on the roofs of houses and creates an oven effect on the inside. By insulating the ceiling, you are preventing the home from being affected by the hot sun. Our vendor has guaranteed us that their eco-friendly roof insulation reduces downward flow of heat in the home significantly during summer.

In winter:

When it’s cold outside, the same concept is true. Cold air finds a way into the home resulting in a need for constant heating of the room you are in. But if your roof is insulated, you can afford to heat up a room for only a short while because the room will maintain its temperature for longer. There is nowhere the warm air can escape to.