Insulated Water Pipes at Home 3362

Insulating a house is an important aspect of making it a ‘green home’. However, insulation of the home’s pipes is just as important to reduce electricity usage. Home 3362 has two important water pipe networks which must have their respective temperatures retained if proper green home status is to be maintained. The first is the Hydronics raidant system pipes which are insulated beneath the floor’s surface. However, this is only secondary to how intricately the plumbing pipes have been insulated throughout Home 3362. Let’s take a closer look at this.


Insulation of the plumbing

Every pipe in Home 3362 has been covered in insulation material and then wrapped in a type of insulation tape to ensure proper insulation. This prevents hot water from cooling down too quickly while it is in the pipes and also prevents cold water from warming up—even in summer.

But the pipes receive double insulation because of where they are placed. Whether they are placed in the walls of the home or the floor, all pipes receive additional insulation because of the home’s overall insulation strategy. This includes wall insulation, floor insulation, and roof insulation.

For the home user, this has a multitude of benefits. One such benefit is that hot water is instantly accessible on tap and the same goes for cold water. This means that the user will not have to run the tap for several seconds until the desired temperature is reached. The water is instantly accessible as either hot or cold as it is needed.


How pipe insulation saves you money

It’s important that a green home gives the home owner a return on investment. Pipe insulation does this in two ways:

First, the heating of water is reduced significantly because water that lies dormant in pipes does not lose its heat.
Second, water is saved because there is no longer a reason to run water for extended periods until the desired temperature is reached.


Home 3362 provides these saving benefits and all systems discussed above are already in place and ready to use. We hope you can see how Home 3362 is yet another winner among the few green homes in South Africa.