Floor Insulation at Home 3362

Casting down a thick concrete screed is an important part of Home 3362’s insulation strategy. By doing this we are not only insulating the house from external elements, but also insulating the home’s Hydronics radiant pipes which are laid out beneath the floor. But Viridior has gone one step further and increased the thickness of the floor’s concrete layer so as to maximise the effectiveness of the Hydronics radiant heating and cooling system. Let’s see why we think this will be one of the most sought after green homes in Gauteng.


The purpose of floor insulation

There are two reasons for insulating the floor at Home 3362. The first is so that each and every room is insulated from outside temperatures. This means that the home remains cool in summer, and warm in winter.

The second reason we do this is to create additional insulation for the Hydronics Radiant system which has been installed beneath the home’s floor surface. When the water pipes of this system are carrying hot or cold water to regulate the home’s temperature, our double thick screed will radiate the water temperature throughout the home. 


Benefits extend to the whole house

Floor insulation is not only present in the main living rooms and bedrooms. Even the bathrooms, kitchen & domestic quarters boast this same feature; ensuring that the whole home enjoys warmth during winter, and cool during summer. The Hydronics radiant system has also been placed in these areas of the home, which is why insulating the pipes is of utmost importance.


As you can see, a thick concrete screed in this home is not only maintaining the temperature, but actually helping to radiate it. This is just one more reason why Home 3362 is by far one of the best green homes in South Africa