Double Glazing at Home 3362

When a window has been made up of two separate plates of glass, that system is referred to as double glazing. These two glass layers are divided by an air cavity which actually traps air in between them. How does this help you? Well, in short, this small air cavity is the secret to insulating Home 3362 and ensuring your comfort throughout the home. 


A small feature with a big difference

Retaining cold air during summer and warm air in the winter is what ensures your comfort levels throughout the year. This has been one of the main goals for our development of Home 3362. From the start, this home has been designed and built to accommodate your comfort in every possible way.

Double glazed exterior windows and glass doors have been placed throughout Home 3362. The clever design of a small gap between two plates of glass ensures the insulation of each room. For you as the home owner, this means incredible comfort during cold and hot weather.


Assisting the already-efficient insulation process

Windows and glass doors are not the only means to this end. Home 3362 already employs various other methods of insulation. Among these methods are:

  • Floor insulation
  • Roof insulation
  • Wall insulation
  • Pipe insulation

Now add to that the efficacy of window and glass door insulation and you have a home that is almost ALWAYS insulated in every single room. Your summers will be cooler and your winters will be warmer!


How does double glazing save your money in the long run?

Home 3362 already comes with double glazed windows and glass doors. That means you are already getting yourself an excellent investment when you purchase this home. Not only will double glazed glass act as a big selling point when you decide to sell; but it will save you money while you stay here too.

A home that is well insulated reduces your utility costs by more than half. Home 3362 is so well insulated because of its double glazed windows and glass doors, that you will rarely need to heat up your home in winter—or cool it down in summer. These utility savings do add up and your savings will be monumental as the years pass by.