Why ME3362 is a Smart Green Home

Viridior already employs advanced materials and methods to construct their eco-friendly homes. But now they’ve taken it one step further by equipping their homes with Smart Technology. You can control and monitor every aspect of your home from your smartphone or laptop anywhere in the world. And you’ll save even more on your running costs with a Smart Green Home.


Keep an eye on every element

From the programme you can monitor the essential elements that run your home. For example:

  • Electricity: At a glance you can see what your current electricity usage is. You can also track your past electricity use and determine patterns. This knowledge allows you budget according to your needs. You can take steps to reduce your usage and keep your bills as low as possible without sacrificing convenience or comfort.
  • Heating Plant: Having hot water on tap is one advantage of living in a green home. But there will be times when your solar water heater isn’t receiving the warmth it needs to generate water that’s hot enough for your needs. Being able to monitor and activate the backup heating element from your smartphone means you’ll never arrive home to a cold shower.
  • Heating / Cooling: When your home is unoccupied it’s wasteful to use the hydronic radiant heating and cooling system. But it’s always nice to return to a warm, welcoming home. So being able to switch the system on before you arrive means you can enjoy the comfort of this innovative system without wasting power.
  • Rainwater: Using water tanks to collect and store rainwater represents a huge saving in any eco-friendly home. But in times of low rainfall it’s useful to know what the level in your tank is. Now you can check the level in your tank and now at a glance how full it is.
  • Weather: Green homes are built to work with the environment, not against it. The means that weather patterns play a big role in running your home cost-effectively. It’s about more than just figuring out what to wear before you head out. On this app you’ll get a full report including the temperature, humidity levels, wind speed and direction.


A new level of control

If you’ve never experienced it before it may be difficult to appreciate what having control over your home can mean. Aside from the benefits of convenience and cost-effectiveness, it increases the comfort levels of your home dramatically. From your smartphone or tablet you can instantly see what’s happening and make adjustments even when you’re not physically there.

Imagine being away on holiday and just before you return you can set you water temperature and room temperature. As you arrive your home is ready to receive you. Although it won’t be able to stock your fridge, Viridior’s smart technology makes your home a haven of warmth and comfort.

Or, what if you rushed out the door and forgot to switch off the underfloor heating. Instead of spending your day distracted by the thought of electricity going to waste, you can access the app and switch it off remotely. Now you can concentrate on that meeting, while your home saves you power and money. Then before you leave the office you can switch it on again and walk into a room that’s the perfect temperature.

Perhaps you’re not convinced that being able to control your home remotely is really necessary. But eco-conscious homeowners will find that being able to monitor and control how your home uses power and water empowering. Now you can have proper control over the resources your home uses, and ensure that their efficiency is maximised.


Increasing the value of your home

You may find it difficult to leave your Viridior green home, but if you ever have to sell you’ll be able to command a premium price. Green homes are the future and people will be willing to invest in homes that promise eco-friendliness, sustainability and low running costs. But smart homes are also desirable for the control and convenience they offer.

By combining both, Viridior green homes are set to become very desirable. Your home will have much more to offer potential buyers. You’ll enjoy the savings that a green home offers and increase the value of your property without spending on expensive upgrades.

Viridior is already leading the way in the green home market. But this new app now offers eco-conscious homeowners the ability to monitor and control those green features that are so unique. This allows you to actively conserve resources and save money on the running costs of your home.


It’s about more than just changing the temperature of room from your office. It’s about understanding and appreciating what it takes to make your home a green and comfortable space for you and your family.

We develop speculative green homes
Efficient usage of natural resources
Luxury green homes at minimum running costs

Smart homes are next generation homes, like the smart phone was the next step in communication
Uses smart technologies to easily monitor green feature usage or adjust where relevant
​Metrics available via the smart home’s app and website