Viridior can implement Photo-voltaic Electricity in Home 3362

Imagine a green home in South Africa that runs almost entirely on free energy! Home 3362 has all systems in place to include a photovoltaic electricity system which will run your home at high efficiency. This reduces the effect of power cuts, and more importantly, reduces your electricity bill to almost zero.


Home 3362 runs on extremely high efficiency

If you, as the purchaser of Home 3362 opt for this photovoltaic electricity system, your new home will run on a significantly high efficiency level. This means that the home will only fall back on grid power in extreme cases. Imagine the cost savings involved in this. The savings we are talking about here will form a massive part of your return on investment, because the accumulative savings will add up to hundreds of thousands of Rands within a matter of a few years.


The highest possible solar harvesting ability

When these solar panels are fitted onto the roof of Home 3362, they are positioned in such a way to maximise the harvesting of solar energy. Throughout the day, this photovoltaic system will harvest as much solar power as is needed for the home. Anything over and above what is used will be stored in batteries. These batteries, if full, are able to supply the home’s power needs for approximately one whole day. Any excess is sold into the grid and goes towards your future grid usage.


Two great benefits to photovoltaic electricity

We highly recommend that this system be chosen for Home 3362 for two main reasons. The first has already been discussed: the savings on your electricity bill will be significant. The second is that your home will not be affected by power outages. The fact that you will rely minimally on the grid for power means less frustration for you and your family. So even though this is such an upmarket house, it costs very little to run. 


Whether Home 3362 is running directly off solar panel electricity, the battery system, or the grid; each system is automatically switched to without interruptions or delays. Your home will run smoothly without you even knowing which one you are using—unless you choose to check. So if you are the fortunate owner of Home 3362, speak to us and we will implement this system should you so choose.