Low Maintenance Consciousness in Home 3362

Are you currently looking for a low maintenance property for sale in Midstream Estates? When we conceptualized and developed Home 3362, we had more than just money-saving in mind. We also wanted to provide you with a home that takes little-to-no effort to maintain. That’s because we want the owner of Home 3362 to enjoy it to the fullest without all the worry and stress that goes with keeping it up. Let’s show you some of the ways we have done this.


Low maintenance & water-wise garden

Home 3362’s garden has been designed by Living Green Landscapes. This company specialises in decorative gardens and we asked them for a unique indigenous garden. All year round Home 3362 will boast a lush, colourful garden without much work from you as the home owner. That’s because indigenous plants need very little water to survive during summer, and they will also stay green throughout winter months.


Garden has minimal lawn area

Maintaining grass can be a real headache. Terrain that doesn’t get enough sun is usually rendered dry and barren, making your yard look ugly. But Home 3362 has been designed to put forth an aesthetically-pleasing garden area complete with paths and pavers. Grass is strategically placed where it will thrive and look great all year round.


Rainwater tanks have self-cleaning capabilities

Some of the lower quality rainwater harvesting systems in South Africa clog up and often need to be cleaned. But the Kyasol water pump system installed at Home 3362 is designed to clean itself with minimal effort from you! While many of the systems at Home 3362 are intricate and cleverly designed, they do not require you as the home owner to manage them. They do so themselves.


No painting required for the roof

Home 3362’s roof tiles are made from a material that does not fade. The tiles will never need painting and will retain their earthy colour indefinitely. South Africa is also known for its severe hailstorms, but these tiles are robust and will resist damage from hail.


Balustrades are stainless steel and require almost no maintenance

Stainless steel balustrades are used throughout Home 3362. Our mindset here was to provide a metal that does not rust and also one that does not need to be painted very often. There is no preservation treatment needed for the metal balustrades in this home because the steel has been specifically designed to withstand all means of degradation.


Face brick exterior is low-maintenance

The Midstream estate in which Home 3362 has been developed puts forth strict exterior rules for how homes are being built. This particular home must have a combination of two styles. While the one style is plastered, we opted for the other to be face brick. Face brick offers one of the lowest maintenance needs of all home exteriors—which is exactly why we chose it for this project.


No swimming pool is needed at this home

Midstream Estates have high quality public swimming pools within walking distance of Home 3362. We therefore felt it unnecessary to add a pool to the home which would only add unwanted maintenance stress for the homeowner.  


Protective paving surrounds the house

For the sake of aesthetics and protection, Home 3362 is surrounded by a stylish paving apron. This not only prevents weeds from denigrating the home’s exterior, but also provides protection against vehicles. Overall, the outside area of the home will look a lot neater instead of having lawn or dry ground to maintain.


You always hear people say that owning a home is hard work and expensive. This is not the case with Home 3362. We have thought of everything possible to make it as liveable and comfortable as possible—without all the hassles and expenses of maintenance. In fact, we'll go so far as to say that Home 3362 is currently the lowest maintenance property for sale in Midstream.