Home 3362 Creature Comforts

You shouldn’t have to compromise luxury for an eco friendly lifestyle. Why not insist on both? That’s exactly what Home 3362 offers its buyer. Below you will find a brief description of all the comforts you can expect when living in this luxurious home. So if you’re someone who lives for luxury, then this is sure to be the most guilt-free luxury you’ve ever experienced.


Starting off in the kitchen

There are some small points of sophistication that you are unlikely to find in other luxury homes.

One such point is the plumbing which leads straight to your fridge. So if your fridge has the ability to create ice, water is already there for that application to work.

Do you and your family enjoy braaing fairly often? What about those times you feel like braaing but don’t want to bother with fire preparation? For such occasions, the built-in BBQ is interchangeable with traditional fire or gas. So if you’re looking for a quick fire up, you won’t need to bother with charcoal and wood.

Another great feature within the kitchen is a multi plug tower attached on the kitchen’s island. This allows you to connect multiple appliances without having to access multiple areas. All your appliances can be connected in one place so that wires don’t get in the way of your cooking or baking.

Finally, large pot drawers are excellent space savers. They provide you with easy storage and easy access to your pots, pans and cookers.


Let’s move over to the scullery

The fact that Home 3362 has a scullery is a luxury in itself. There’s no need to mix your cleaning processes with your cooking process. But the scullery itself also has a number of awesome features that must be noted.

The scullery has a spacious double sink—each with its own dryer side. This makes dishwashing a whole lot easier without feeling cramped or limited.

There are also enough space and plumbing provisions for two dishwashers. Since this home is suitable for a medium sized family, it stands to reason that you may want two dishwashers instead of only one.

Another convenience you will find is a washing trough which can be found in a seperate section known as the laundry. It’s deep and spacious and perfect for cleaning your shoes after a run or a long hike. For those items that need a deep clean once in a while, this trough is super handy.


Bathroom comforts

The bathroom is perhaps the place where most of us want as much comfort as possible. Many aspects have been taken into consideration to make your green home bathroom as convenient as possible.

Your shower experience was something we looked at very closely. Towel rails have been attached to the outside of the inward-swinging shower doors on each shower. This allows you to access your towel without having to exit the shower. An especially convenient creature comfort in winter, but also very practical for avoiding wet floors and bathroom mats.

The main en suite bathroom also has a nightlight. This makes it possible for you to go to the bathroom without having to disturb your partner with light switching in the process.  


A technologically superior home

The electrical configuration in Home 3362 has been set up for the purpose of making your living experience as convenient as can be.

Let’s get back to the kitchen for a moment. The pantry has a clever mechanism which switches the light on and off when you enter and exit. So when the door opens, the light will switch on. When you close the door, it will automatically switch off again.

The garden of Home 3362 is beautifully decorated with gorgeous lights throughout. These lights are connected to a timer and will automatically switch on and off according to the day or night.

The under floor heating is an especially well-appointed aspect to Home 3362. What’s even more convenient about this system is that it can be controlled from your Smartphone, laptop or tablet. Imagine setting your ideal temperature 15 minutes before you get home. Now that’s luxury!


Space and luxury

Accommodating you with as much space as possible is something we emphasised in the design of Home 3362. Every inch of space has been cleverly utilised to make your life easy. Let’s look at some examples.

Your garage will have a very spacious cupboard for storage. This can be used for tools, car maintenance products, or simply for items that are not being used in the home.

The built-in cupboards/wardrobes within the home are super spacious and contain mechanisms to make your life a whole lot easier. Doors and drawers have soft-closing mechanisms which prevent them from slamming. In addition to this, handy pull-down applications have been added to higher hanging rails. It’s now that much easier to access your clothes that are hung higher up than you can reach.

You’re probably already aware of Home 3362’s walk-in safe. But did you also know that the safe if found within a very spacious lockable storeroom? Store your valuables in the storeroom when you go on holiday and store your extremely valuable items inside the safe.


While green aspects are certainly the main attraction to Home 3362, you can see that luxury plays a big part too. So if your search for a Midstream luxury 4 bedroom house has brought you here, consider contacting us right now to view this home for sale from Viridior.