Bamboo in Home 3362

A material that is often overlooked by many green home developers in South Africa is bamboo. This is the perfect substitute for tree wood because of its robust quality and low impact on the environment. Viridior is proud to have bamboo as part of various structures within Home 3362. Let us tell you more about why we chose bamboo over other wood types.


Bamboo’s low impact on the environment

Did you know that certain species of bamboo can grow as tall as 80cm in a single day? This is a far cry from the amount of time it takes trees to grow. Another notable fact is that heavy machinery is required to cut down large trees. It takes even more machines to then process those trees into wooden planks that are finally used in home structures.

By using bamboo instead of conventional tree wood, we are preventing the need for more trees to be cut down in order to cater for our timber needs. If more companies would do the same, more trees would be left standing as a means to reduce the greenhouse gasses in our environment. By harvesting high quantities of bamboo and pressing them together, we can create a tree wood substitute that is just as durable as any other wood—and perhaps even more so.


The high durability of bamboo

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that bamboo is a flimsy wood. By pressing bamboo stalks together and forming planks, our suppliers have created a very durable material that is in many ways superior to other wood types. After bamboo is treated, it will not scratch as easily as other woods, nor is it easily damaged or broken. In addition to its robust makeup, bamboo is an aesthetically pleasing material—one that can be used in any room to enhance the decor.


How bamboo is implemented in Home 3362

There are two main areas in the home where we have utilized bamboo. They are the following. Bamboo makes a great countertop for the kitchen. The look is natural and the quality is significantly durable. Again, bamboo countertops are superior even to granite countertops because of their low impact on the environment and because granite is not a renewable resource. We have also used bamboo to build all the stairs inside the home.


By using bamboo in selected areas in the home, we are proud to contribute to the reduced carbon footprint of this development project.