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You benefit from the best green features used in our homes

In the heart of Midstream is a home that has become the pride and joy of Viridior Homes. Home 3362 is up for grabs and you could be the proud owner of one of the most sustainable green homes for sale in Pretoria. 


Do you know of any other eco friendly homes for sale? Gauteng may have a few here and there, but few of these have as many green features as Home 3362 in Midstream, Centurion. Also bear in mind that currently, there are no other eco friendly homes for sale in Midstream besides Home 3362. Besides being a real estate agent’s dream because of its many selling points, you will appreciate the simplicity with which this home has been designed. When it comes to sustainable homes for sale in Pretoria, Home 3362 beats them all!

Granted there are other homes for sale in Pretoria with green features. However, Home 3362 is the only one with at least nine sustainable features. These include multiple types of insulation, rainwater harvesting, a photovoltaic energy system, bamboo finishes and low energy heating & cooling. As you will see when visiting Home 3362, it is the most comprehensive of all eco friendly homes for sale in Centurion at this time.

So remember that if you’re looking for green homes in Midstream, Home 3362 is the only one currently in existence. More are sure to be constructed in the future, since the demand for green homes is on the rise in Pretoria.