Water-wise low maintenance garden in Home 3362

Indigenous trees, shrubs and plants cover the expanse of Home 3362’s garden area. This means that the garden is 100% compatible with the South African climate and needs very little maintenance throughout the year. Imagine a garden that stays predominantly green throughout every season—without the need for too much watering or labour. Well that’s the kind of garden you’ll be signing up for when you purchase this 4 bedroom property in Midstream.

For those times where your garden does need water, rainwater reserves are available for garden irrigation. If these reserves are depleted, your irrigation system will automatically draw municipal water. Therefore, watering your garden costs significantly less. And if it rains generously enough, you will not spend one cent on irrigation at all!

A garden that stays true to practical planting strategies and indigenous varieties is simply another way of showing your what Viridior is all about.