Reduced Carbon Footprint in Home 3362

Ever seen an upmarket house for sale that has a small impact on the environment? Specially designed to have as little impact on the environment as possible, Home 3362 possesses a number of features that cater to our philosophy of green living. Through simple strategies, this home reduces the carbon footprint of all its residents. As with all Viridior’s homes, Home 3362 will drastically reduce your electricity bill, and utilise nature itself to deliver optimum living at a low cost.


Home 3362’s eco-friendly design

So how does Home 3362 save you so much on your electricity bill? Well, there are a number of ways this is done. First, it must be noted that much of a home’s electricity is utilised to heat up water. Therefore, if water pipes and storage appliances can be insulated, water temperature is retained for longer periods without having to be heated up again.

Another big electricity culprit is the heating up or cooling down of a room or area within a home. Air conditioners, heaters, and fans are all heavily-powered appliances that can push your utility bill way up. However, by means of insulating walls, windows, glass doors, the floor and the ceiling, a home can maintain its temperature without the extended use of such appliances.

Home 3362 insulates every room in the house as well as all water pipes and the hot water tank. But we’ve gone one step further with the development of this home. Heating and cooling are done through a Hydronics radiant system which uses water pipes to heat up or cool down your home from beneath the floor surface. This eliminates the need for temperature-related electrical appliances in Home 3362.

This home also has a rainwater harvesting facility which collects rainwater for toilet flushing, garden irrigation and your washing machine. This reduces the need for municipal water used in most homes. All these features—as well as others not here mentioned—contribute to the eco-friendly design of Home 3362.


A better quality of life

Of all the Midstream houses for sale, Home 3362 has arguably the lowest impact on the planet. So living this way is not only convenient and affordable; it’s also immensely beneficial to the environment. Practicality plays a large part in the luxury home for sale we have developed here. More and more people are implementing green-home facilities into their homes—but Home 3362 already has all of these green features in place. All you need to do is move in and be a part of these awesome benefits.