Rainwater Harvesting at Home 3362

No green home would be complete without a fully-automated rainwater harvesting system—and home 3362 is no exception. Collecting as much free water as possible is all part of how this home functions. Not only is the system already in place to do this, but the home is constructed in such a way to enable optimum harvesting of rainwater throughout the year’s rainy seasons.


The strategy behind rainwater harvesting

Two large tanks have already been placed within the property. These tanks act as storage points for the cleverly designed system that is already in place. Home 3362 has various pipes and collection points placed in strategic places. Collection points will receive the rainwater as and when it rains while the pipes will ensure it is transported to the storage tanks.

While this system is relatively complex in nature, it is virtually invisible to a person who does not know it is there. That’s because the tanks, pipes, and even collection points were cleverly hidden during the construction process. Home 3362 currently has this system in place and it is already in working order—ready for you when you move in.


Practical usage of rainwater

Rainwater plays a large part in providing you with a significant return on investment when you purchase home 3362. You will save up to 60% of your water bill by utilizing rainwater in these operating points in the home:

  • The hydronics heating and cooling system within your home.
  • General cleaning such as washing floors or hosing down your driveway.
  • Your washing machine.
  • Every toilet within the home
  • Garden irrigation (Please note that the garden is already established with plants that do not require much water as it is)


International standards used in your home

If you were to do research on any high standard rainwater harvesting system overseas, you would find the same technology used by Viridior Homes' supplier, Kyasol. The process of harvesting, filtration, and distribution is of an international standard and is fully guaranteed by the suppliers and installers of the system. This guarantee presents itself in the form of a two year maintenance warantee to the owner.