Low-energy hot water immediately on tap in Home 3362

The luxury house for sale that we are currently developing has an ingenious plumbing system which allows instant hot water access from every tap. An energy-efficient heat pump is also designed to use very little electricity to heat up your water. This saves the home owner a lot on utility costs and also reduces the home’s carbon footprint on the environment.


Better than a geyser

Geysers use a lot of electricity because they have to continually heat up water that is slowly cooling down. The water system utilised in this home is superior, in that it maintains the water temperature after it has been heated up.


Methods used to maintain water temperature

The tank where hot water is stored, as well as the pipes through which it is transported, are all insulated. 


How does this further benefit you as the user?

In addition to this, hot water is instantly accessible throughout the home at all times. The user does not need to wait for the water to heat up—it comes out hot! That’s because the hot water temperature is maintained via a linked loop plumbing system which is also insulated.

This low-energy solution saves the home owner a huge amount of money on water heating costs. Hot water is instantly accessible as and when it is needed. 


All of these factors play into the upmarket house for sale currently available in Midstream.