Hydronics Radiant Heating and Cooling in Home 3362

A special feature we have included in Home 3362 is the ability to heat up or cool down any area of the home. This is done through a system called Hydronics radiant heating and cooling. It's a water-based temperature control method that runs on virtually no electricity. It is also an eco-friendly way to regulate temperature within the home while saving you on your electricity bill.


Minimal water is used to run the system—almost no electricity needed

Simply speaking, hydronics is a network of pipes that have been installed beneath the floor’s surface. These pipes carry either hot or cold water through them depending on how you have adjusted the temperature. The water within this system will not cost you a lot because the water is circulated throughout the hydronics system over and over.


Various zones in the home allow for individualized temperature control

The chosen temperature does not have to be generalised over the entire home. Home 3362 is divided up into a number of areas called ‘zones’. These zones each have individualized temperature control options which can be adjusted according to your preference. Because the Hydronics radiant system is installed below the floor’s surface, the difference in temperature change is noticeable within a significantly short period.


Additional saving through wall insulation

Very little water temperature manipulation is needed to run this hydronics system effectively. That’s because once a zone has been regulated according to your preference, rooms are additionally insulated in order to maintain that temperature.

Home 3362 has been insulated via double-bricked walls as well as Lambdaboard in between the walls. This ensures a doubly-effective insulation benefit which prevents the need for constant temperature manipulation. That means that you gain a further saving on the little bit of electricity needed to pump and heat the water within the pipes.