Home 3362 Return on Investment

Home 3362 is a house for sale with multiple money saving benefits. The cost to run Home 3362 without any green features has been established and calculated against the cost of running it with the green features it possesses. It has been roughly estimated that the buyer will start to receive a return on investment within approximately 10 years of ownership. Let’s take a look at some of the savings you can accumulate while living in this home.


Saving on electricity

Your electric bill will be drastically reduced while staying in Home 3362. The following facilities can be read about elsewhere on this sight; but for now, here’s an overview:

  • Wall insulation reduces the need for temperature manipulation throughout the home.
  • Insulation of water tanks and pipes minimizes the need to constantly reheat water.
  • A Hydronics Radiant heating and cooling system installed beneath the floor uses water to regulate the temperature of the home—reducing the need for appliances.


Saving on water

In a home this size, water would usually make up for a large percentage of your utilities bill. However, Home 3362 has systems in place which collects rainwater for common household use. Rainwater can be used to:

  • Flush your toilets
  • Irrigate your garden
  • Run your washing machine

Another way you save on water is through the low-maintenance, water-wise garden. This garden has been established with indigenous plants which need very little maintenance throughout the year. Besides these low maintenance needs, the water used for garden irrigation is pumped from rainwater reserves anyway.


It all adds up

So while there are many Midstream houses for sale, Home 3362 is one of the best investments out of all of them. Adding up all these savings will eventually result in a drastic reduction in living costs—and ultimately give you a huge return on your investment. In short, this means that within 10 years or less, the extra you paid for the home while it was still a house for sale will have been retrieved through the savings you accumulated. Add to this the low environmental impact you have had on the planet and you will soon recognize the high value of this 4 bedroom property currently for sale in Midstream.