With energy costs on the rise, many builders and home owners are turning to alternative methods of temperature control in the home. One method that has proven highly effective in this area is wall insulation. So when you see a house for sale from Viridior, you can be sure that every room has wall insulation already installed. Viridior makes use of Lambdaboard material which is built in-between external and separating walls (also known as wall cavity insulation). This maintains the temperature of each individual room, resulting in minimal heating and cooling costs. So while there are a number of Midstream properties for sale, this one is well worth taking a closer look at. 


All-round eco friendliness

Lambdaboard insulation offers a variety of environmentally friendly benefits in more ways than one.

First, the material itself is completely recyclable because it is made from non-chemical materials. In fact, Lambdaboard has been specifically produced to counteract the potential climate challenges we are facing today.

Second, having insulation throughout a home decreases the amount of electricity needed for heating and cooling. This in itself is a huge help to the environment—not to mention your utility bill.

Finally, manufacturing Lambdaboard is not harmful to the environment. The 25mm structure of the board has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), and any small pieces that are not used for construction are recycled.

High quality material

In addition to its environmental friendly make up, the wall insulation used by Viridior Homes has many quality strengths that contribute to its popularity. Lambdaboard is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and will not warp in hot weather, or crack in the cold.

There is also very little risk of this wall insulation material getting damaged during construction. It is resistant to chemical substances typically used in adhesives and does not easily break if roughly handled. Once the material is inside the wall, the home owner can rest assured in the fact that the material is moisture resistant; as it is also a natural repellent of water.

Coupled with Hydronics radiant heating and cooling

In short, having wall insulation in your home keeps every room cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. While Viridior Homes makes use of wall insulation in all its projects, we also couple this insulation method with a low-energy Hydronics radiant system. This method of temperature control completely does away with electricity-powered methods, keeping your electricity bill at a bare minimum.  Read more about this process here.


Other types of insulation

Take a look at any of the luxury houses for sale from Viridior. You will quickly see that insulation plays a massive part. We've looked at wall insulation already, but there are actually FOUR more types of insulation we include in our green homes. 

  • Floor insulation keeps your Hydronics Radiant heating and cooling temperature from escaping anywhere other than upwards into your home
  • Pipe insulation ensures that hot water retains itstemperature so that you don't have to keep running the hot water tap to warm it up
  • Ceiling insulation plays a huge role in keeping air inside each room and preventing it from escaping
  • Double glazing on windows and glass doors traps air inside and prevents unwanted air from coming in

This is one Midstream house for sale that's clearly unique. Can you see why? Every possible measure has been taken to ensure proper insulation within your home. Exactly what you'd expect from this upmarket house for sale from Viridior!