Water-wise low maintenance garden

Of all the Midstream properties for sale at the moment, this one has the most impressive garden! Garden design ALWAYS forms an important part of Viridior’s projects. Of course there are many Midstream upmarket houses for sale that haven't even thought of this important aspect. But when you purchase one of our homes, you will find an intelligent selection of indigenous plants, trees, and shrubs already planted within the garden area. These plants require very little watering or maintenance and have been carefully chosen to compliment your garden all year round.


Watering is minimal

The plants and shrubs that have been selected for our gardens need very little water to survive. All are indigenous to the region and fully accustomed to the South African climate. Trees and smaller plants have also been planted in strategic positions so as to fully benefit from the sun, shade, and seasonal rainfall.


What abour hot, dry weather?

When your garden does need watering, you can still rest assured that watering will not cost you a cent. Viridior Homes makes use of rainwater harvesting methods so that you can fully irrigate your garden with water you have obtained for free. Not only is this cheaper for the home owner, but rainwater is also much better for your plants than chemically treated water. Should your rainwater run out, normal municiple water supply will commence automatically.

This is just another way Viridior works WITH the environment to give you a superior living experience.