Return on investment

Some potential buyers may find the house prices of Viridior significantly higher than others on the market. However, what many don’t take into account is that there is a serious return on investment on these homes after a relatively short period. Add the fact that these Midstream luxury houses for sale from Viridior are so comfortable, and you will find that the value is higher than initially perceived.


Drastic reduction on water and electricity costs

Thanks to rainwater harvesting, the buyer’s water bill can be reduced by up to 60%. Rainwater can be used for toilet flushing, washing machines and gardening. This makes a major dent in your water bill, and these low-maintenance systems are already in place. 

Electricity is also reduced significantly because of all the insulation factors in the home. This includes hot water insulation which reduces the costs of a regular geyser, as well as room insulation which maintains room temperature. There is also an energy-efficient water cooling and heating system  throughout the floor of the home, making temperature control extremely cheap to run.


Return on investment in 10 years or less

Adding up all these savings will eventually result in a drastic reduction in living costs—and ultimately give you a huge return on your investment. In short, this means that within 10 years or less, the extra you paid for the home will have been retrieved through the savings you accumulated. In addition to the savings you enjoy, you actually MAKE money when you eventually sell the home. So the home has paid for itself in utility savings, and then gives you more ROI when you sell it because of the built-in green features. Add to this the low environmental impact you have had on the planet, and you will recognize the high value of such a property.