Rainwater Harvesting

When looking for Midstream houses for sale, why not go for a home that uses rainwater for various home uses? Harvesting rainwater for everyday usage can reduce your water bill by up to 60%! But there is more to harvesting rainwater than simply collecting it in tanks. Complex water filtration and pumping systems must be connected to those tanks and implemented into the home in order for the home owner to benefit from this concept.


Where is rainwater used in the home?

Rainwater is not safe for consumption and is therefore not pumped into drinking taps, showers, or bath taps. However, there are many applications where rainwater is perfectly safe to use. These include:

  • Washing machines
  • Garden irrigation
  • Toilets

These applications make up a large percentage of your home water use, but rainwater is absolutely free; so you don’t pay a cent.


Is this a reliable system?

Viridior Homes makes use of the best rainwater harvesting system available in South Africa. The methods and equipment we use adhere to the highest international standards anywhere in the world. Every factor of collecting the rainwater, cleaning it, and pumping it into your home is taken into account during installation. Viridior’s homes are fully equipped with all components needed to make this system work—and help you save on your water bill.


How does it work?

The first process of rainwater harvesting installation is the placement of giant water collection tanks. These tanks are placed underground in a strategic area of the property so that rainwater can be effectively collected. Each tank has several components fitted to it; including a professional package filtration mechanism, and a rubber seal to prevent seeping water contamination.

The second stage of the installation involves the connection of pipes. Viridior Homes have pipes already installed in a way that makes water accessible where it is needed most. These pipes come fully equipped with a pumping system which pumps water from just below the surface of the water line inside the tank—as this is where the water is the cleanest.

An important stage of the installation is the clever concealment of the pipes. This includes the inlet pipes (where the rainwater flows into the tank) as well as the outlet pipes (the plumbing system within the home). Viridior’s eco-friendly homes have ensured practicality in the plumbing, but without compromising on the aesthetics. As such, all pipes are neatly concealed throughout the structure.

A home worth investing in

Rainwater is a free resource and there is no reason why you shouldn’t capitalize on it. The houses of Viridior Homes aim to run at optimum level, but at a heavily-reduced cost. Rainwater harvesting is one method our homes lead the way towards eco-friendly practices, as well as cost-saving strategies.