Photo-voltaic Electricity

An important part of green living and eco-friendly homes is the ability to run your home on as little grid electricity as possible. Viridior makes use of an optional Photo-voltaic solar system to generate and store large amounts of electricity for off-grid home usage. Ideally, the home should run on solar electricity most of the time; but an automatic switchover to conventional grid power is initiated if this natural source of electricity is depleted.


Using the sun to power your home

The science of harvesting the sun and converting it into useable electricity has been perfected by Kyasol, our vendor for this system. Photovoltaic solar panels are attached in strategic positions on the roof of the home to collect an optimum amount of sunlight during the day. This solar energy is then converted into electricity for home use. Excess solar power is stored within cleverly designed batteries for use during the evenings and times when the sun is not available.

When the batteries are full, the excess power will automatically feed into the gridThis self-generated EXCESS electricity is sold back to the service provider—further reducing your grid power costs later on. This is another benefit to owning a green home in Midstream. 


An efficient fallback system

The system has been designed to collect enough electricity to run the size of the home in question. However, if at any time there is not enough electricity to power the entire home, the system is designed to fall back onto the grid automatically. This will of course switch back to the photovoltaic system after enough power has once again been generated.


Home runs at impressive efficiency

Perhaps the greatest appeal of the photovoltaic system is that the home—for the most part—is not reliant on grid power. Viridior has opted for a photovoltaic system that runs the home at a high efficiency level based on the size of your family. Ideally, the home will only use grid power in emergency cases.

If a power outage should occur, the stored power will be utilized throughout the home for hours—depending on how much energy has been stored. Should the battery power run out during this power outage, the home comes with an optional extra: a low-energy generator to keep you going until the power is back on or the sun is back up.


Every time you purchase a Midstream property for sale from Viridior, you will have two choices: Either you can purchase one of our homes which already includes Photovoltaic power, or you can decide to go without it. Depending on your budget and how much of a ROI you want in the future is ultimately up to you. We hope this page has helped you decide.