Are you looking for a Midstream property for sale? If so, then why not go green? The luxury green homes developed by Viridior possess a number of environmentally-friendly, money-saving ‘green’ features which make them unique from other developments. But there are also additional high-end features which add to the convenience and luxury of owning one of these homes. We will briefly provide you with our green features as an overview, and then turn to these additional extras in more detail. Some of the building features not mentioned elsewhere on this site will also be covered below.


Green features

As a summary to our green features, here are some short descriptions. There is currently a Midstream house for sale that possesses all of these features. You can read about these further on their designated pages by clicking on the links provided:

  • Wall insulation: Built-in wall insulation prevents rooms and home areas from being affected by external climates. Consequently, rooms remain warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Hot & cold water immediately on tap: Because of a non-conventional linked loop system, hot water is immediately accessible on tap. This is also because hotwater pipes are insulated—leaving no need for reheating water over and over again.
  • Rainwater harvesting: Clever designing of the home and strategic positioning of pipes and collection tanks enables rainwater harvesting for everyday home use.
  • Low-noise generator: A low-energy, low-noise generator is installed in case of power outages.
  • Water wise, low-maintenance garden: The garden is filled with low maintenance, indigenous plants; ensuring minimal watering requirements.
  • Hydronics radiant heating and cooling: Within the floor of each home is a fully adjustable Hydronics radiant heating & cooling system which regulates temperature within multiple individual zones in the home.


Additional high-end features

Other features also grace Viridior’s developments. In each upmarket house for sale from Viridior, these features come standard; while in others they are presented as optional extras:

  • The kitchen is accompanied by a scullery for general home cleaning. The scullery also homes two dishwashers.
  • The laundry is located away from the scullery and the kitchen to prevent crowding.
  • A guest suite is present which can be converted into a home office if needed.
  • A walk-in safe ensures the protection of your valuables. The size also allows you to lock away your valuables if you are travelling
  • One garage is a suitable size for an SUV.
  • There are sensors in each of the homes’ zones to regulate the temperature throughout the home. These can be independantly adjusted according to your needs so that they are automated throughout the day.


Unique building features

Of all the Midstream houses for sale at the moment, you'll find that ours is very unique. There are a number of building features which render the structure of our homes very different from others. They are:

  • The bricks used to build our homes are watered. This results in improved bonding and better wall strength.
  • Brick-force ties are in place to strengthen the walls. Because all exterior walls have Lambdaboard installed between the cavities, it is necessary to accommodate two single brick-force walls which are then tied together with wall ties for extra strength.
  • Walls, when tied in, are back-stepped to add further strength to each one.
  • Homes have two independent main DB boxes. If there is a power trip in the living section of the home, the sleeping quarters will remain powered—and vice versa.
  • Kyasol is the company we use to supply and install your rainwater harvesting, Hydronics radiant temperature control, and the hot/cold water plumbing system in each home. All these applications have a 2 year maintenance from Kyason attached as a guarantee of quality.
  • The rainwater storage tanks are installed strategically, enabling any overflow of water to run in a direction that does not hinder the home’s aesthetics.