Low-energy hot water immediately on tap

Geysers often make up a large percentage of a home’s electricity bill. But green homes that have been developed by Viridior possess intelligent water heating and cooling systems. These water systems are energy efficient and run at a fraction of the costs of conventional systems.  


Why is a heat pump better than a conventional geyser?

A geyser is a simple system that heats up cold water and sends it through to a hot water tap when needed. This method of water heating consumes a great deal of energy. Even in a home where the geyser gets switched off periodically, much of the heated water ends up not being used. This results in the water cooling again, only to be reheated at a later stage.

Green home water systems work very differently. The hot water is heated by an energy efficient heat pump. The heat of this water is maintained to ensure it does not cool down. This is done through pipe insulation within the floor and walls of the home. 


How does this further benefit you as the user?

In addition to this, hot water is instantly accessible throughout the home at all times. The user does not need to wait for the water to heat up—it comes out hot! That’s because the hot water temperature is maintained via a linked loop plumbing system which is also insulated.

This low-energy solution saves the home owner a huge amount of money on water heating costs. Hot water is instantly accessible as and when it is needed. 


So are you looking for an Midstream upmarket house for sale at a great price? Then go for one that offers you cost saving benefits such as these mentioned here. You save water. You save electricity. And you enjoy a high level of luxury at the same time.