Hydronics Radiant Heating and Cooling

Electrically-powered temperature control will soon become a thing of the past. That’s because new technologies are being made accessible to home owners today—and hydronics is one such technology.  Through complex under-floor water pipe systems, your home can maintain a steady temperature without high running expenses being added to your utility bill. So when you come to visit One of Viridior's houses for sale in Midstream, you can be sure that every room within that house has temperature control for your convenience. 


A cleverly-thought out system

The key to the ingenuity of this system is in the installation. A network of pipes is installed throughout the house and connected to two separate tanks—one hot, and one cold. These main pipes form part of a larger network of smaller pipes which are placed between the floor’s foundation and the surface.

Hot or cold water is pumped throughout this network of pipes depending on the temperature selected. These pipes are well-insulated beneath the floor’s surface so as to ensure consistent temperature is maintained.

This practical system is laid out over multiple zones throughout the home. Each zone’s temperature can be adjusted according to the preference of each family member. A control panel allows your home to enjoy fully customizable temperature throughout the day and night.

System is compatible with any floor type

Imagine waking up on a winter’s morning and walking barefoot across your tiled floor. Your feet don’t get cold because your home’s temperature is being regulated from below. In addition, you rest in the knowledge that comfort is not pushing your electric bill up.

This is a reality experienced by Viridior’s home owners. The hydronics network is installed all throughout the house regardless of what type of flooring is present. Because this system is already pre-installed in every home, buyers do not need to concern themselves with installing it later.

Wall insulation maintains the selected temperature

Included in all of Viridior’s homes is wall insulation which also helps maintain the temperature throughout the home. While the floor hydronics system creates the perfect temperature, the wall insulation keeps it at that temperature regardless of external influence. This relationship between implementing a temperature and maintaining it; is what makes Viridior Homes a cut above other home developers.