The materials used in Viridior’s homes play just as much of an important role as every other green home aspect. Yes, there are many Midstream houses for sale at the moment, but Bamboo is one of those aspects that makes our homes unique. Bamboo is a material that we are very proud of. The reason for this is because of the high standard and durability of bamboo. Another is because it is such an environmentally friendly product. Let us tell you why we came to such an important decision to use bamboo in our homes.


Is bamboo a high quality product?

A question on most people’s minds is whether or not bamboo is actually durable enough to use in the home. The fact is, bamboo is an extremely robust material which can be placed in key locations throughout your home. Sheets of bamboo are stacked on top of one another and reworked into planks that resemble any other kind of wood. The finished product is not only pleasing to look at, but incredibly durable too.


Why is bamboo considered to be eco-friendly?

We all know that one of the major causes of global warming is the cutting down of trees. Bamboo is a viable alternative to wood for a number of reasons. First, bamboo grows at an incredible speed. Second, it does not perform as much of an oxygen generating function as large trees do. Finally, bamboo does not need a lot of machinery and excavation to extract. It is effortlessly cut down in large quantities without the need for heavy machinery.


Where is bamboo used in the home?

We are so impressed with the eco-friendliness of bamboo that we have placed it all over our homes. One place we have utilized it is in the kitchen. Solid bamboo counter tops take the place of melamine or granite tops—both of which are not earth friendly options. 

Another place we use bamboo is on the surface of the internal stairs. Our staircases look refined and modern while offering an eco-friendly alternative to tree wood.  


We have resolved to use bamboo as a wood alternative in as many places throughout the home as possible. All counter tops throughout the home are 100% bamboo so as to proclaim the earth-friendly attitude of your home. So in every Midstream upmarket house for sale from Viridior, you can expect innovative ways where eco-friendly materials such as bamboo are being used.