Backup Batteries

Backup batteries are an important component to your solar power system. Without them, you may find yourself out of power during extended power cuts. Special batteries are used for this purpose and it’s important that nothing less than the best quality batteries are used here. While these batteries may cost you extra at first, they will provide you with further savings in the long run. Let’s see how they work.


Keep your home running during long power outages

The main reason backup batteries have been included in our homes is because of your convenience. Extended power outages may occur during the weekend—a time when you and your family are using above average amounts of electricity. A power outage during this time is easily managed when backup batteries are present because they allow you to power your home for a longer period with all the stored energy you’ve accumulated with your solar panel system.


Made for solar – made to last

These are not simply any batteries. Specialised, high quality batteries are used to store solar energy for long periods. These batteries—if maintained properly—will also last you as the home owner for up to ten years. It gives you that extra peace of mind knowing that you and your family can endure long power outages if you really have to. This is all automated by a clever computer program which maximises power collection, efficiency and battery life. 


A further saving on your utility bill

Remember that these backup batteries are not only for power outages. They can also come in handy during long rain seasons or days where the sun is blocked by thick cloud cover. Although there is a fallback system where a lack of solar energy switches your home back to grid power, it’s best to keep going on solar for as long as possible. Backup batteries help you do exactly that.


There are currently many Midstream properties for sale. But the ones from Viridior are by far you best investment when it comes to luxury and savings. Backup batteries help you maximise your power use to the fullest extent.