As a high-end green home developer, Viridior aims to use only the best quality supplies for every area of our homes. We feel that two important aspects are the glass and aluminium components which form part of both internal and external areas of the home. These components must meet very high standards and also contribute to our insulation strategy in order to ensure eco-friendly benefits throughout.

That is why we have opted to use a single Glass and Aluminium supplier of windows, window frames and glass doors. Upon researching our options we recognised to use a leader in the industry when it comes to quality, service and after-sales maintenance.

Double glazing of windows and glass doors is a process whereby two layers of glass are fitted within an aluminium frame. There is a cavity between these two layers which acts as a barrier—preventing hot and cold air from entering or escaping. This means that whatever temperature your room, it will be maintained at that temperature with little impact from the external climate.

Because each window and glass door is double glazed, they act as additional insulators for the entire home. This ties in with our overall built-in insulation strategy which includes the insulation of the roof, the walls, the floor, and even the pipes throughout the property. We’ve ensured that every angle is covered in this regard so that there is no chance of compromising the internal temperature of each room.

In addition to the double glazing of the glass, we also took into account the frame. Aluminium is a low-maintenance product that is easy to clean and sturdy enough to hold the glass in place. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also rust resistant and will not crack or perish due to extreme weather conditions.

Using these high quality products throughout our homes is just another way we add to the luxury and comfort of you as the home owner.