One of our homes’ proudest features is the use of bamboo. Wherever possible, your Viridior green home will be fitted with bamboo instead of other woods or materials. Why is this an important green feature? Because bamboo is arguably the most sustainable wood available today. Not only does it grow incredibly fast; but it can also be worked into a solid wood product that’s as diverse and durable as any other decorative wood.

After careful consideration and research, Viridior opted for Bamboo Warehouse as their supplier of this versatile product. Not only have they received excellent feedback from their customers; they also use an award winning supplier of bamboo that’s recognised as the best on an international level.

Most importantly, Bamboo Warehouse shares Viridior’s philosophy of green living. Bamboo is sustainable for a number of reasons:

  • It negates the need for chopping down oxygen-producing trees, thus eliminating the buildup of greenhouse gases.
  • It grows fast and does not require heavy machinery to harvest.
  • Bamboo is a minor contributor to the planet’s oxygen levels.
  • It can be harvested in large quantities without causing damage to the environment.  

Bamboo Warehouse thinks the same way we do and we love their product. That’s why we’ve chosen to furnish our homes with bamboo in as many ways as possible!