What we stand for

While our homes are more expensive than others in the same range, we are actually in the business of saving you money in the long run. Our homes are low maintenance in that they do not require a lot of money to uphold or preserve. We also build homes that are environmentally friendly and therefore run on a minimal amount of electricity and water.


Our resourceful team:


Emmanuel leads the Viridior team and is intimately involved with every aspect—large and small. He also orchestrates all matters relating to vendors, finances and the marketing aspects of each home.

Emmanuel’s philosophy is that his team always feel free enough to express their ideas and have fun with their projects. Green living is important to Emmanuel which is why he is so passionate about every project Viridior undertakes. Above all, he wants every home buyer to enjoy a high standard of living, while spending as little as possible month to month.

Emmanuel says: “Viridior is breaking new ground by developing high end green homes which are fully temperature controlled, have low dependency on the grid and have high-end finishes. Thus enabling the owner to live luxuriously while being conscious of the environment and living in a way that reduces the use of our natural resources.”



Conceptualising each green home feature is Debra, the person on whom all Viridior's concepts are based. Project finances and quality control are the responsibilities of Debra—who works very closely with Emmanuel on all points. All her decisions are based on her own demanding tastes in terms of decor, comfort and a green lifestyle.

Debra already lives as green as possible by recycling and using water sparingly. She knows how difficult it can be to live in a way that has minimal impact on the environment, which is why she feels so passionate about the green home projects at Viridior.

“...it just seemed appropriate that if I were to get involved with a project like this, it would have to include as much ‘green’ as possible. I foresee that more and more people will realize the importance of living green, even if it’s just the basics such as the insulation of the home.”



The go-to guy for all special requirements is Pierre. He has a critical mind that loves solving problems and never backs down from a challenge. Which is a good thing! There are many challenges that arise from building a green home, but Pierre is always present to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“Conserving natural resources is non-negotiable,” says Pierre. His main focus is not only to build a sustainable home, but to make sure it is strong, sturdy and does not require too much maintenance. With Pierre having a hands-on approach in all things, every project is in good hands.



Estelle has two important functions at Viridior. First, she analyses and record all financial aspects of our projects. Second, she is our programme manager. All our vendors have been researched and selected by Estelle according to her high standards. She is behind the scenes making sure everything is done on time and all vendors are paid for their services. She is also in charge of maintaining all important home documents and certificates which will form part of the home once it is purchased.

We asked Estelle what she was most excited about in the current home being developed. “The Hydronics radiant heating and cooling system as well as the overall temperature control of the house. I would love to be able to wear a t-shirt all year round in my house!”

Estelle also has strong opinions about the uniqueness of Home 3362—Viridior Homes’ current project. “This house is like no other house I have been in or seen in South Africa. It isn’t just another mass-produced house. Every room and plug point has been carefully thought of by someone who could potentially live in the house.”



Making sure that all instructions are interpreted correctly is Nkumbulo. As site forman, it's his responsibility to manage and oversee all building projects. And don't think he won't get stuck in if he has to. Nkumbulo has great vision and excellent communication skills. When told what needs to be done, he will make sure the end result matches the initial vision. 

"This home is a stress free, "life-goes-on" home. In the case of loadshedding, the owner does not have to worry. This house comes with backup systems for such occassions." 

Nkumbulo watches each piece of the puzzle being put together from the start. He is excited about Viridior's current project and especially excited to see the underfloor Hydronics radiant heating and cooling in action. 



What’s important to note is that each individual team member has a vested interest in every project. That’s why it’s so important for them to put their ALL into every home as if they themselves will be living there. If you would like to speak to or ask questions of any of our team members, feel free to contact Viridior any time during office hours. 


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