Quality Green Home Artistry!

Green Smart Home - Best of the Breed Features

A Conversation piece – a unique green smart home ready to move in.

This Midstream green smart luxury home is an alternative to traditional Midstream houses for sale.

Come see for yourself, by appointment only, what this green smart home offers, being ahead of its time. And what many homes in the future would offer.

Live in luxury at the lowest monthly running costs.

As an option, make maximum use of the sun to live nearly fully independently of the electricity grid.

Use rainwater to reduce dependency on municipal water for garden irrigation, flushing the toilets and for your washing machine.

We created an easy to live in, comfortable home with special features: Providing Luxury living in an Environmentally Friendly Home.

Say goodbye to air-conditioners and heaters in this fully temperature controlled home.

Some background on how this green smart home came about.

The various houses we’ve stayed in, each had shortcomings. Over time they either required lots of maintenance or didn't have the creature comforts we'd have preferred: Or were laid out awkwardly.

Renovations would cost too much. So, we'd live without those or look for another house that had what we'd wanted.

Keeping the house cool in summer or warm in winter was costly. Invariably only parts of the house would have some form of cooling or heating. And required packing away heaters in winter or would have high running costs for temperature control throughout. 

Cupboard space in the bedrooms or kitchen would usually be too little.

The kitchen would also house the dishwasher or washing machine, and was always cramped.

So, each home was less than what we'd have wanted.

With the above in mind we came up with a list of required functions and ways to reduce monthly running costs without giving up on creature comforts, and set out to build such a home.

This home would harvest rainwater.
Be insulated to the maximum to reduce the monthly running costs of a fully temperature controlled home.
It could draw electricity from the sun.

The home would have the required monitoring capability to ensure every large monthly cost could be managed and kept within budget.

This house was built in Midlands Estate within the greater Midstream Estates.

The result was a green smart home.
This is a luxury home, constructed with materials and technologies to allow for independence of the grid: Or to use grid resources efficiently.

Luxury home
Feature rich - too many features to mention.
Functionally focussed - making living comfortable.
Fully temperature controlled.
Low maintenance.
Large areas.
Open plan area indoor-outdoor, ideal for entertainment with Indoor braai.
Indigenous garden with fire pit.

Green Home
A Fully insulated shell.
Uses electricity efficiently.
Harvests rainwater.
The Home is ready to take Photovoltaic panels and batteries for grid-tied electricity. (Optionally using sun electricity – thus reduce running costs further)

Green Smart Home
Smart technology.
Manage resources cost effectively – which is much lower than conventional living.
Manage via Smart app or computer.

Home Automation
Smart technology infrastructure optionally enables home automation. 

Separate Laundry
Walk in Safe
Large walk in Linen Cupboard
External and Internal Store Rooms
Full Domestic Quarters
Separate contractor’s toilet


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